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N.F.L. = Nutrition & Fitness For Life

We had an exciting weekend this past weekend... This past year, my son attended classes at Virginia Mason called "Nutrition & Fitness for Life". The class is sponsored by the Seahawks who fund the class in an effort to teach kids and their families a balanced, healthy way of living. Each NFL season, a few kids are picked to be a junior co-captain at one of the Seahawks games and this season they chose my son as one of them because they just saw what a great kid he is. As a junior co-captain, we got club level seats, VIP parking, and a jersey of his choice. When we got there, we were led onto the field where we got to spend the hour before the game watching warm-ups!!! I could reach out and touch the players!! They are HUGE!!! GIGANTOR! What I want to know is what their mamas fed them when they were growing up! Who makes people that BIG!? (Anyway, I was in photography heaven down on that field!) Then, after both teams took the field for the game, my son was taken to the sidelines with the Seahawks players where he first met and shook Pete Carroll's hand. Then Pete took him around and introduced him to other players on the sidelines like Marcus Trufant and Tarvaris Jackson. After a lot of hand shaking, he stood on the sidelines with Trufant until it was time for the coin toss. Then my boy got to go out on the field for the coin toss with the team captains!!! While he was running out onto the field, the announcer introduced him while they put his picture up on the big screen. It was SOOOO cool!!! It was quite the experience for him..... Something he'll remember for the rest of his life!

A few of these shots were taken by the Seahawks' photographer... I am so thankful he took them and sent them to us because I wasn't positioned on the field in the right spot to capture them. The rest are shots of the fun I was having on the sidelines during warm-ups. I'm thinkin' I need to do this for a living!! I could handle being down on that field capturing all the raw moments that happen during a game. Can anyone hook me up???????

And for you menfolk visiting my blog, don't worry, I didn't forget about you......