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Thanks for stopping by to peek at my blog! Here you will find my most recent sessions and up-to-date information. Feel free to come by anytime. And if you like what you see, please leave me a comment and let me know that you stopped by to visit!


I came across this website a little while ago and fell in love.... I fell in love with what it stands for.....thinking positive. It's so easy to let the negative voice in our head bombard our thoughts and bring us and others around us down. Just think how good we'd feel if we only thought positive, uplifting thoughts every moment of every day. Billion had the awesome idea of "clicking" your positive thoughts each day to help change the way you think and focus your thinking on only the positive......"We become what we think about. We think about that which we focus on." They have their website set up so you can go in and log your positive clicks, as their goal is to reach a "billion clicks". So, you can bet I ordered my clicker! (It also doubles as a pitch counter for baseball!!) And, yes, I had to have a pink one! I'm such a girly girl! But, I've got my clicker and I'm ready to start counting my positive thoughts each day! So, go to their website and order your clicker and start focusing on the positive!

Make sure you also visit their blog for daily inspiration! "think. click. be......"


This is my friend, Kelly.... Not only do we have the same first name, but we also have the same middle name. Our friendship goes all the way back to elementary school....back to the days of being in Campfire Girls together and slumber parties. I remember camping out in a tent in the backyard one night, telling ghost stories and playing Light As A Feather....ooh! scary! Then we moved on to junior high and then high school together, where we graduated together. Then she went off to college for awhile, then came back and went to Highline Community College and completed their nursing program. She then married her high school sweetheart and moved in a few houses down, so we've been neighbors for years now. She is still one of my best friends today. She is an amazing person........she's accomplished, and the best mother and wife. She has the biggest, kindest heart and is always there for you when you need her. She has a strength from within that just blows me away, which she would have to have in her nursing career at Swedish, taking care of kidney patients and having to lose some of them to death. And now as a nurse dealing with cancer patients at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I'm proud of who she is and who she's become and am lucky to still have her in my life and to be able to call her my friend..... Kelly, you are beautiful! Thank you for letting me capture you during this time in our lives.


Saw this somewhere and just thought it was so cool...... and so true........

My Little Shadow

Isn't she so cute.................?

{Katie} Class of 2012

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Katie yesterday...  She made my job a piece of cake!  She has the most amazing eyes!  I couldn't get enough of them.  Thank you Katie for making me look good!  You rock, girl!



I went to visit my favorite man the other day and he agreed to pose for a couple of portraits. Isn't he B. E. A. UTIFUL!? Check out the size of those paws! He was staring me down big time! Wonder what was going on in that head of his..... dinner perhaps?

Murder Mystery

I was asked to photograph a company party a few months back and jumped at the chance when I found out it was a Murder Mystery party set during Al Capone times. Performed by the cast from Lucky Lady Interactive Events, the actors mixed and mingled with guests during cocktail hour, and then during dinner, gave a hilarious performance as guests tried to figure out "whodunit". Check out their website here... If there's a company party headed your way, this just might be the perfect idea for yours!

Seattle's Pike Place Market

I grabbed my camera the other day and headed to Seattle to walk around Pike Place Market.... Okay, I am a sucker for chocolate! (Can I hear an 'amen!') But, what I found inside this little shop was the tastiest chocolate my mouth has ever laid eyes on!!! I was given a piece of Sea Salt Caramel to try.....and all I can say is 'WOW!!!' 'YUM!!!' 'INCREDIBLE!!!!' 'GIMME MORE!' (I actually did say, "Gimme more!") It was a piece of chocolate, filled with caramel and topped with rock salt. I've never tasted anything so good in my even beat Ding Dongs. (Don't even go there!) All I can say is you have to visit this little shop and give it a try. They are called The Chocolate Market and they are at 1906 Post Alley in Seattle's Pike Place Market. Tell the owners Kelly sent ya! Maybe I'll get a Sea Salt Caramel for every person I send in I'm thinkin'!

Who woulda thought caramel apples could be art.....

My favorite thing to do on the streets is people watch and I love taking their pictures. I try to capture them without them knowing it to capture who they really are in that moment of their life.

Mt. Rainier

Okay..... a landscape photographer, I am not. But, I had to grab this shot of Mt. Rainier. The clouds and the colors in the sky around it were amazing! The camera didn't quite capture it like it looked to the naked eye....but you get the idea.

It's Coming........

I can feel it...........


It is the middle of winter and this chocolate rose sits outside in my garden not ready to give up. It is determined to keep blooming and growing no matter the winter woes that come its way. It doesn't give up hope and let nature put it to rest until the seasons say it's time to come out and play again. It says, "I'm still here, and as long as I'm alive, I won't back down." I choose to hope.

When the world says, "Give up."

Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

-Author Unknown