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Thanks for stopping by to peek at my blog! Here you will find my most recent sessions and up-to-date information. Feel free to come by anytime. And if you like what you see, please leave me a comment and let me know that you stopped by to visit!

52 Fridays, Week 7: "New/Beginnings"

It's Friday again! For this week's theme, I chose to focus on something new. Just thought I'd show y'all my new ring! Thought it would be a fun share for all you girlie photogs! It's my camera that I wear on my finger. And of course, it's a Nikon! Naawwww... just kidding! I got it at my most favorite online shop ever!! - Ruche. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their vintage-style clothes and accessories! And when I saw this ring, well.. it was a must-have! It's pewter and has a rhinestone in place of the lens! If you must have one for yourself, it is currently sold out, but here's a little hint: keep checking their "Back in Stock!" section and I'll bet it'll show up there again. But, items that are popular sell out QUICK! So keep a good watch if you want to snag one!

UPDATE: It's back in stock!!!

Okay, now go peek to see what Shea Parker/Clinton Mississippi Child Photographer has in store for ya!!

52 Fridays, Week 6: "Love"

I had a few different ideas for this week's theme of "love"... but, the weather in Seattle didn't cooperate!!! So, had to go to a plan "B". After playing with a few indoor ideas, I got frustrated and ready to give up! I turned around to pack up my gear and found this "love note" left by my son on the table. He's always doing little things like that! The cards I get from him are the best. He tries to go for the "cry factor" and it works every time! There's lots of ways to say I love you, and I don't think you can say it enough to the ones you love. And for me, I love it when it is said in little notes that I find around the house. They are little surprises that make my day! Oh, by the way, have I said that I'm the luckiest mom in the world? No, really..... I am!

Head on over to see what Shea Parker/Clinton Mississippi Child Photographer did for love!

52 Fridays, Week 5: "Motion"

This week our topic was "motion". I had just a little too much fun playing this time!! I had lots of ideas, but ran out of time to do them all by today! So, these are my favs for this week.....

This is water dripping out of my kitchen faucet.....

And I saw this train shot totally different in my head, but it turned out better than what I had envisioned!

Now go check out what Shea Parker/Clinton Mississippi Child Photographer did for motion - too cute!!

Aubrey - Senior 2011

I got to meet up with Aubrey this weekend to take a few yearbook shots! I'll just say this...... WOW! Cannot wait to do her full senior session!

Store of Hope

Yesterday, I visited the Store of Hope down at Kent Station. The Store of Hope was donated to the King County Animal Care & Control by the nice folks at Kent Station. Every Saturday and Wednesday afternoons, KCACC brings some of the adoptable cats and dogs down to the store where people can spend a pleasant afternoon mingling with the animals.

If you are interested in any of the animals on my blog, you'll need the number I reference for each one of them. You may reach the shelter at 206.296.PETS.

The is Barney (#A055606). He is a 2 year old, Clumber Spaniel mix. If you are looking for a big teddy bear, he is your man! He is sooooo..... cute! He wasn't too into the whole posing for pictures thing, so this is it for him!

And then we have Fred (#A055698). His is a 2 year old Basenji mix. This dog had me at hello! Fred is so happy and so full of life! He greeted everyone that came in the door with a smile on his face. But what really tugged at my heart strings was when I watched him hug the shelter sergeant. He has such a big heart! And then there were the ears! Those ears... My husband and I were smitten. Both of us wanted to take him home. If we could, I would go pick him up yesterday! He was a little more up for posing for me, so I took advantage of it!

Is he NOT the cutest thing ever!? Hey! I just had a birthday! I wouldn't be too upset if someone gave him to me for a belated birthday present! Any takers?? Anyone?

52 Fridays, Week 4: "Signs"

This week, our theme was signs......... While winter is still all around us, these daffodils are always our first sign that Spring is right around the corner. As they find their way above ground through the piles of dead leaves, they are a sign of life and warm days to come. My husband's father planted these daffodils when my husband was in highschool. He lost his dad a year before I met him, so I never got to meet my father-in-law. But it sounds like he was a great man and father! So, every year at this time, my husband gets to look outside our kitchen door at the gift his dad left for him.........a memory he will always cherish.

Now, head on over to Shea's Parker's blog and check out her adorable "signs" photos!


My favorite from a mini session I did yesterday.........