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Thanks for stopping by to peek at my blog! Here you will find my most recent sessions and up-to-date information. Feel free to come by anytime. And if you like what you see, please leave me a comment and let me know that you stopped by to visit!

Seth/Class of 2011

What can I say about Seth.......... He and his family are special friends of ours, so I've known him since day one of his life. He is and has always been an amazing person! I just can't believe he's eighteen and graduating from highschool! The time has flown by! After being homeschooled for 3 years, he's been attending Running Start at Highline where he will be graduating from highschool and receiving his AA Degree in June. Then he's made the decision to attend Capernwray Harbour Bible School in British Columbia next year and will most likely be attending CWU after that. I know his parents are very proud of him and so are we!

Seth is also by far one of the coolest teens I know because he bought a sweeeeeet '65 Stang which I know he's going to hand to me when he's tired of it! HA!


melissa deakin said...

these are fabulous, kelly!
you did a wonderful job capturing his spirit.
beautiful work!

carmen said...

Ok, so I haven't been to your blog in a while, and I forgot how totally amazing you are and how much I LOVE what you are able to do with a camera - BEAUTIFUL. Every single one.

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