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The Other Side of Me

Hiding behind my camera is one of the things I do best. I'm not real fond of having my picture taken, so there aren't a lot of them laying around. Since I'm quickly approaching that "spot-on" mid-forty mark, I thought I better get on the other side of the camera before the sagging starts! (Or maybe I'm already there, but nobody has told me yet!)

Honestly, I had a REALLY hard time leaving my thirties. My fortieth birthday was a really hard one for me. But what I have found is that at age 44, for the first time in my life, I am the most comfortable I have ever been with being me. I feel good about myself and the person I have become. I'm happy with what I've accomplished in my life and where I am today. So, while I was really depressed about turning forty, I'd have to say that the forties have been my best years so far. They say the forties are the new twenties.......I'd have to agree. The 50's??? I say, "Bring it!"


Christy said...

These are gorgeous! Did you take them yourself?

THAT GUY said...

I have the most beautiful wife in the world!

Anonymous said...

As you get older, you look more and more like your mom (and thats a compliment)!

carmen said...


Angie Penrose said...

you're gorgeous girl!! :)

Jenny Schule Photography said...

You are beautiful! :)

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