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Yes, I am not afraid to admit that I went to the Selena Gomez concert at the Puyallup Fair last night..... me and a thousand screaming little girls! I guess I shouldn't comment on the screaming little girls since I was one of them at an Andy Gibb concert when I was about 11 or 12. I screamed the entire concert and at one point broke down into a sobbing pile of mush...... I just remember my mom looking at me like she was going to have to haul me off to the looney bin. But ya gotta admit, Andy Gibb was pretty darn hot! And when he took his shirt off.... well, that's about where the looney bin came into play. I did keep my composure last night though. No screaming or tears. I was very proud of myself.......... so was my mom.

Selena put on a great show. She's very talented and very sweet. But, I mostly enjoyed watching her bass guitarist, Joey Clement. He has this fire red hair complete with matching guitar. And, he loves whippin' that hair around. It was AWESOME!!! So, I just had to share some pics I took last night. I know.... you wish you were there with me, singing along to "I love you like a love song, baby....."

"Peace out....."


carmen said...

Your photography amazes me! You are so talented! I love it! It looks like you had some exciting times! Love your football pix and I LOVE Selena Gomez also! :)

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